Dr Sachin Gamage

Dr Sachin Gamage takes his Dentistry very seriously and is committed to providing you as the patient with the best evidenced based Dentistry at an affordable fee. Brought up with a father whose an accomplished Dentist, Dr Sachin has essentially been brought up with Dentistry in his blood, growing up watching his dad perform complex surgical procedures willed him towards a career in Dentistry. With his fathers guidance, Dr Sachin is evolving towards being one of the premier Dentist’s in Melbourne. In fact he is already rated by patients as a top 3 Dentist in Glen Waverley on Whitecoat. 


Dr Sachin wants to take his Dentistry to the highest possible standards, this is reflected in the amount of time that he spends outside of the Dental clinic on weekends, often on Saturdays and Sundays doing courses – yes this means 7 day weeks but that the commitment it takes to be a great clinician. This year alone, he is on par to have over 250 hours of continued dental education under his belt – something that very few Dentist will get close to and 20 times more than the recommended minimum for Dentist. 
He is currently been continuing education in: 
  •  Master of clinical Dentistry (Orthodontics) at BPP University London – first year of three year course part-time
  • Primespeak communication course 
  • DEN4 and DEN5 certification to take cone-beam CT radiographs 
  • Implant basics at Adin Dental implants 
Dr Sachin works: 

Mon-Thurs – 10 am to 7 pm 

Fri-Sat – 8.30 am to 7 pm 

Times may vary if he is on courses 

Appointments can be booked online now or by calling us