One Visit Crown

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More affordable way to replace badly broken teeth

60% cheaper than traditional crowns

Why one visit crown

fit into your schelude

Your dentist can place an OVC in just one appointment. You won’t need to wait hours for your crown to be milled, or weeks for it to come back from the lab.

Goodbye metal mouth

Now you can restore your teeth with natural looking, tooth coloured dental crowns. The OVC is available in two different shades to match closely to your own teeth.


Save more of your natural tooth The OVC is conservative by nature, requiring less drilling and reduction of your tooth.


Good news! The OVC procedure is faster and more efficient than a traditional crown, making it a more affordable dental crown solution

No more impressions

No more uncomfortable impressions The OVC comes partially preformed in a box – your dentist just needs to select the appropriate size and shade and customise it to your tooth.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind from day one With the OVC you don’t need a temporary crown at all. The OVC is fitted to your tooth on the same day, in the same appointment.

Special offer - only $499

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"Made of Zirconia - the strongest material used in Dentistry. Don't wait till your tooth cracks with a large filling - get the protection your tooth deserves.