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Why choose us for your orthodontics


Dr Sarath Gamage has finished well over 1000 orthodontic cases - very few General Dentist in Australia has finished that many cases

Affordable prices

We do not believe in unreasonable pricing, all our services including Orthodontics is below the Australian average for treatment but at higher quality garanteed

Catered to your needs

We make Orthodontics catered to you !!! we listen to what you want and provide. We have something for everyone - one arch braces or clear braces based on your preference

Two providers

Dr Sachin Gamage is studying a Master of Clinical Dentistry in Orthodontics and is doing is own cases as well as working in a team with Dr Sarath for cases

Long-term commitment

We follow you up for as long as you like to make sure your teeth do not move - we want your smile to last a lifetime


We often throw in teeth whitening where needed to make sure you finish with that beautiful smile

buddies recommending me

"We are really happy with how straight my teeth are - will be recommending to everyone"
""Incredibly happy - didn't think my teeth would be this great"