General Dentistry

We provide everything from simple scale and cleans, to management of tooth pain, deep cleaning for gum disease, root canal treatments and removal of teeth. We are proud of our ability to provide the full spectrum of general dentistry treatment. 
General Dentistry is all treatment tailored to making sure that your teeth are free of disease and maintaining this healthy state throughout life. We make sure that you are looked after regularly and help you with maintaining your oral health. 

Everyone needs general dentistry, whether it is a 6 month clean to check if everything is healthy, or multiple fillings or root canal treatment. We proudly provide you with all the treatment that might be required. 

Our team has a wealth of knowledge in general dentistry. 

Regular Scale and cleans

Regular cleans are essential for healthy gums and keeping teeth clean in order to maintain a healthy mouth.

Regular 6 month cleans are important to everyone to avoid plaque from building up on teeth and under the gums. 

Teeth without regular cleans can progress to gum disease (periodontal disease). This can lead to sore gums and loose teeth. 

Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth often don’t have enough space to come out and end up causing ore gums and infections. Sometime can cause decay on the neighboring teeth. 

We able to assess the degree of care that you need for your wisdom teeth. We can provide extraction of less complicated wisdom teeth in our practice or refer to our Oral surgeon to be done in a hospital for complex cases.